Looks like drjava and dynamicjava are pretty much dead here.

I've brought the original dynamicjava back to life, fixed the ant build.xml problems, changed the code to work with Java7, and exposed some of the functionality of the interpreter that was previously private (such as Interpreter.defineVariable).

You can find the updated code here:



On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 5:51 PM, Doug Blank <doug.blank@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello drjava hackers,

Two questions: 

We are using DynamicJava in our multi-language environment, called Calico [1]. DynamicJava is great for our uses!

We'd like to inject some variable bindings into the environment. For example, put a variable into the environment that is bound to a value that hasn't been evaluated by the interpreter. 

1) Is that a possibility with existing code? If not, it looks like putting it in the private member _bindings of the Interpreter class might work (requiring some new Java code and a re-compile).

2) How do you build DrJava these days from source? I'm using Ubuntu 13.10, and don't see an easy method of getting JDK-5. Any pointers? ant complains about not finding rt.jar.



[1] - http://calicoproject.org/