On 6/29/06, Lars Noschinski <cebewee@gmx.de> wrote:

I'm just trying to get 3d acceleration working for my laptop with i915
and Pentium M 1.73GHz. DRI works somehow, but there still seems to be
something wrong.

I know it works somehow because glxinfo reports direct rendering,
glxgears gets an noticable boost from 50 to 300 fps and ppracer runs
faster than with software rendering. Also the xorg log looks ok:

I got a pentium M 1.6 Ghz, with integrated  i915 graphics, DRI enabled under xorg-x11 7.1 and glxgears runs at around 1300 fps (with 35% cpu load)


Quake 2 runs smooth using software emulation (~50fps, 60% CPU usage),
but is unplayable, if I switch to GLX or SDLGL (~5fps, 95% CPU usage,
but better graphics, even if I disable lightning and stuff). While
running Quake 2 with LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose gives no indication of an

(vid_drv glx)
| ...setting mode 3: 640 480
| Using XFree86-VidModeExtension Version 2.2
| libGL: XF86DRIGetClientDriverName: 1.5.1 i915 (screen 0)
| libGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/lib/dri/i915_dri.so
| drmOpenByBusid: Searching for BusID pci:0000:00:02.0
| drmOpenDevice: node name is /dev/dri/card0
| drmOpenDevice: open result is 7, (OK)
| drmOpenByBusid: drmOpenMinor returns 7
| drmOpenByBusid: drmGetBusid reports pci:0000:00:02.0

(vid_drv sdlgl)
| Using libGL.so.1 for OpenGL...SDL Joystick not initialized, trying toinit...
| Trying to start-up joystick...
| No joysticks available
| setting mode 3: 640 480
| GL_VENDOR: Tungsten Graphics, Inc
| GL_RENDERER: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 915GM 20050225
| GL_VERSION: 1.3 Mesa 6.5.1

doing the same with nexuiz gives:

| ^7Linked against SDL version 1.2.10
| ^7Using SDL library version 1.2.10
| libGL: XF86DRIGetClientDriverName: 1.5.1 i915 (screen 0)
| libGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/lib/dri/i915_dri.so
| libGL error: dlopen /usr/lib/dri/i915_dri.so failed
| (/usr/lib/dri/i915_dri.so: undefined symbol: _glapi_Dispatch)
| libGL error: unable to find driver: i915_dri.so
| ^7checking for OpenGL 1.1.0...  enabled
| ^7GL_VENDOR: Mesa project: www.mesa3d.org
| ^7GL_RENDERER: Mesa GLX Indirect
| ^7GL_VERSION: 1.2 (1.5 Mesa 6.4.1)
                                 ^^^^^ 6.5.0 is installed
                                 (packages from Debian experimental)

though both use sdl. googlearth fails for another reason:

| do_wait: drmWaitVBlank returned -1, IRQs don't seem to be working correctly.

I had to install 6.5.0.cvs.20060524-1 mesa packages, because else I get:

| ERROR!  sizeof(I830DRIRec) does not match passed size from device driver
| libGL warning: 3D driver returned no fbconfigs.
| libGL error: InitDriver failed
| libGL error: reverting to (slow) indirect rendering

So, if I understand this right, nexuiz is failing for some version
mismatch, but Quake 2 thinks, everything is ok. And while the 915GM is
probably a low end 3d graphics chip, I would expect it running Quake 2
at a reasonable speed ...

Maybe someone can provide me with some hints to debug this furter?

Thanks in advance,
       Lars Noschinski

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