Hi all and thanx for the reply.
I'm not really a newbie, I mean I've used Debian Sid for about 6 months, I can compile and compile again the kernel without any problems, I can use Linux for everything: I don't use Winzoz any more! ;) :)
I know also how to use lsmod to investigate about modules, modprobe etc to set up all the modules I need and something like that, but when I installed the 2.6 kernel I wasn't able to set up the 3D acceleration, even trying and trying a lot of time, looking for the info I need on the web with google, and even visiting the rage3d forum! nobody was able to help me there when I was trying to setup the ati drivers (fglrx module).
for this reason I want to try now to use the drm modules, but the problem is still the same: no acceleration with my card! :(
someone can please let me know hot to enable it? I compiled the kernel with the radeon drm module, but when I run glxinfo I can see that it doesn't work. Agpgart and via_agp modules are correctly up and running. Did I forgot some modules? Have I to change some configuration files? Why a 2.6 kernel installer doesn't exist? :DDD
please help me ,

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