Digital Enterprise Group (DEG) & Software Solutions Group (SSG)


Angela Gill (Visual Computing Group), and Keith Packard (Open Source Technology Center)


April 15, 2009


Intel® G45 Programmer’s Reference Manual

We are pleased to announce that the Intel® G45 Express Chipset [Graphics and Memory Controller Hub-GMCH] Programmer’s Reference Manual (PRM) is now publicly available!  The PRM resides on the Linux Graphics website ( as well as the Visual Computing Training website (


The PRM describes the architectural behavior and programming environment of the chipset and graphics devices.  The GMCH’s Graphics Controller (GC) contains an extensive set of registers and instructions for configuration, 2D, 3D, and Video systems. The PRM describes the register, instruction, and memory interfaces and the device behaviors as controlled and observed through those interfaces.  The PRM also describes the registers and instructions and provides detailed bit/field descriptions.  This information is critical to the development and maintenance of Intel graphics drivers for this hardware.


Many thanks to the Graphics Engineering team and the Open Source Technology Center for their work in identifying the appropriate material to include in the PRM.  We would like to recognize Patricia Langstraat for her technical writing prowess as well as Eric Anholt for his help in reviewing the draft PRM material.  Others on Jeff Bock’s team were invaluable in their efforts to ensure this PRM contains useful information for the open source community.