I think this is only true of Voodoo5, and its not just in the automake
stuff.  For some reason
sets LIBRARIES to libglide3x.a while all the other trees (h3, cvg)
set LIBRARIES to libglide3.a. For all trees SHARED_LIBRARY is set
to libglide3.so.X.YY.  This issue came up before, and I was under the
impression that the X build always epected the library to be called
libglide3.so.X.YY.  I'm not sure why the static (.a) library name is
causing problems since I think the shared library name is correct.  I
asked on this list previously if anyone wanted me to change the static
library name but I didn't get any responses.

Joseph Kain

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> From: Bill White [mailto:bill.white@griggsinst.com]
> Sent: Friday, September 22, 2000 11:44 AM
> To: dri-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
> Subject: [Dri-devel] What is the deal with libglide3[x] anyway? [libGL
> for tdfx]
> When building liGL for tdfx, you need to change the Imakefile so that
> libglide3 is changed to libglide3x.  But the Glide project in
> SourceForge
> makes libglide3.  You have to change the Imakefile each time
> so that you
> can link properly.  This impresses me as a good way to cause an error
> to leak back into the CVS tree, if you inadvertently do a cvs commit
> with the altered Imakefile.
> What's the reason for this?  It could very well be that when I changed
> the Glide project to use automake/autoconf I made a mistake.  If so, I
> will fix it.  However, I would like to know if there is some
> reason for
> this.  Does it have to do with building Glide for Voodoo3 rather than
> Voodoo5?
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