On 27 May 2001 07:59:50 -0400, Jeff Corcoran wrote:
> I cut out quite a bit of text. Anyway, XF86 loads fine, but when it
> displays things, the font is completely screwed up. Also, DRI reports as
> being Indirect under my applications/glxinfo.
> To fix this I have to re-run the install.sh program, restart X11 and it
> looks fine.
This is probably because the agpgart module havent been loaded...

try to close your XServer, 'rmmod mga', 'insmod agpgart', then start the XServer again.

If this helps, try setting this somewhere in your modules.conf:

below mga agpgart

and run 'depmod', then 'rmmod mga', and restart your XServer...

This was the case with my G400.

Don't think it will help your blending problem though...

Dennis Krøger