What tools do you use for tracing?  I know that you have the renouveau tool and libsegfault.

I'm hacking on the ATI stuff, and it would be handy to have code which can just out what MMIO writes the kernel driver is doing.  Do you guys have anything to do that?


On 12/27/06, Stephane Marchesin <> wrote:
Simen Thoresen wrote:
> Hi Nouveau- (and other cheap PCI and PCIe -graphics users)
> I have several PCI and PCIe tracers available through my employer, and
> will be able to purchase low-end versions of modern video-cards
> (preferably PCI versions, but possibly PCIe versions as well) for
> machines that will run both Windows and Linux. I'll probably have time
> to perform simple tests and grabs with these cards if I have something
> to look for. Please note that I am not a hardware (or software)
> developer, so I'll be learning to use the grabbers as we go along :-)
> Would any of you benefit from this?

Thanks for your offer. That would surely be interesting, although it
might generate huge logs.

We have a number of tools that can achieve similar tasks (and which we
can run at home, so as not to annoy someone else) , se we can probably
get around it for now. However, PCI tracers are very useful when tracing
weird bugs, so I might contact you at a later point. And if other
nouveau devs are interested, I'll let them jump in :)


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