Dear all,

I have a question in mind that why we Are moving all to git ?

For me it has no good, i have to download everything from the buttom to the top. The conversion I found on web is for the source that will be placed on server only, no client site source conversion I can found.
For me it is bad news, because I have a limited bandwidth and that's mean I can't follow the update in a sort time.
Does anyone have the solution for the problem I am facing right now ?

Thanks all in advance.

On 7/13/06, Dave Airlie <> wrote:

I'm in the process of moving DRM CVS to git, can people avoid using CVS from
now on...

When I get the last admin help the repo will be (in a few hours):


I've decided to put the drm under the mesa project on fd.o as the dri project
is pretty much retired with nearly all dev done in either mesa or and I
think there is more commonality with mesa in terms of developer lists.


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