I am not sure if this is an appropriate place to ask, but I hope so.

On an old machine of mine I recently tried to enable Tv Out.

The graphics cars is an Ati Rage Mobility P/M (Mach 64).

The dri wiki
mentions that the old GATOS project for tv out is incorporated into the  X.org drivers. A long time ago I had once used this same GATOS to get the TV out working in linux. 

Describes that the minimum driver version required is 6.7.191. I am running 6.7.195 shipped with Ubuntu 7.10. This should be sufficient.

Futhermore randr 1.2 is required. This is also the version I am running.

I tried to enable tvout using xrandr. However xrandr does not recognize the attached S-video connector. According to the wiki this should work but it does not.

I managed to work around this with the (very old) atitvout utility to enable/disable lcd,crt and tv connections. This works, however even when tv out is enabled using atitvout, randr still does not recognize the connection.

Is this a known problem in randr + x.org driver? How can i get tv out and secondary display working with randr ?

Thanks for any help you can give me,
Edwin de Caluwe