Indan Zupancic wrote:

On Sun, July 9, 2006 19:58, Thomas Hellström said:
via_ds.c has disappeared from the linux drm CVS. Still around for *bsd,

Will it disappear for *bsd too?
Hopefully, but I'm not sure how the *bsd code is updated and how often.
In the Linux code, the SiS and VIA memory managers are rewritten.
Any idea how the kmalloc could have failed? To me it looks like it shouldn't
have, so that might be a bug somewhere, but maybe it's expected and nothing is
out of the ordinary.
The set allocation is actually quite large, 12*5000 bytes, and drm_alloc requires the
allocated chunk to be available as contigous memory. If the memory has become very fragmented,
the allocation  will fail. I've seen similar things happen with the SiS driver.