I think I found this one. Could you try latest CVS?

Julius wrote:
On Thu, 2 Sep 2004 10:45:03 +0200 (CEST)
Thomas Hellström <unichrome@shipmail.org> wrote:


Still clueless, but I will try to fire up my KM400 this week and try to
reproduce your settings; in particlar XvMC is forced off. It may well be a
bug lurking there.


Ive posted a new log from the cvs driver to the list, we should switch this discussion to the mailing list again.


heres another log, xorg 6.7.0, r23/debug and the corresponding config
created with "Xorg -configure" i added a hsync line to see if theres
something other but nothing changed, imho.
the xorg server is running, the blacklight is on and i can kill the
server..same situation with xfree 4.4.0 before i added the hsync line.
I hope these logs i send you provide more info.