Hi, I just tested the latest drivers(two hours old, maybe? :)) and everything works great, except the vesa FB console problem. glxgears reports only 200fps and consumes 100%cpu, so i guess it still uses software rendering. tuxracer works perfectly, but slowly(compared to the old VIA driver and xfree 4.2). I have about 10fps. gl screensavers works generally fine, some of them do not - they are too slow.
glxinfo reports Yes to DRI usage.

I have Twister K, CPU 1500MHz slowed down to 500(tuxracer works something-like-playably only on 1500, on 500 about 2-3fps, but i don't undestand why is it so cpu-dependent, it must use hw rendering, before new drivers it was approx. 0.5fps on sw rendering)

Great job, guys, and thanks a lot!

Ondra Kotaba
Czech Rep.

Felix Kühling wrote:

The Savage driver now works on SavageIX (and probably Savage3D and
SavageMX) with 3D acceleration. I just committed the last few pieces to
the savage-2-0-0-branch. There are a few known issues left to sort out:

- flat shading 
  (Savage IX uses the first vertex's color instead of the last one's)

- Textures
  (several problems with texture environments and wrapping modes)

Adventerous people with Savage3D/IX/MX hardware are welcome to test it.


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