Sounds great. †I'll try and start wrestling the CVS server for an update pretty soon ;-)


Josť Fonseca wrote:

On Tue, Jul 08, 2003 at 02:57:53PM -0700, James Jones wrote:
I was just wondering how the new DMA code Jose was working on for the
mach64 driver is going.  

I've been doing the necessary architectural changes on the
newdrm-0-0-1-branch.  The most important stuff - allocationg and
management of independent DMA buffer pools of PCI/AGP/SG memory - is
already done.  Still missing to code is a API to allocate a single

But most of the work left to do is actually more trivial though time
consuming - I'm pursuing the janitorial I had started in the trunk to a
further level:
 - eliminate all templates:
   - drm_xxx.h -> drm_xxx.h + drm_xxx.c (and 
   - DRM(xxx) -> drm_xxx
   - all drm_*.o into a libdrm.a shared by drivers
 - putting all data members of drm_device_t into sub-structures in each

Does it look like it will be ready to commit/test soon? 

I really don't know. At the moment many changes are incomplete and code
doesn't compile at all. As soon as the janitorial is finished I'll bring
in the Mach64 and port it to the new API.

Are you too busy and need someone to pick it up and finish it off?
I've got some spare time I could lend ;-)

That would be great.  I was planning to ask for some help as soon as
things were a little more tidy.  You can download that branch and check
it out (the nice stuff lives in drm_bufs.[ch]), but give me until the
after next weekend to get things a little more tidy.  I'll describe the
status again and post documentation of the new DMA API for peer review.


Josť Fonseca