Dieter Nützel wrote:

But maybe you should stop the CPU scanning on AMD after 3DNow!
(normal/ext/prof) detection, so that AMD's run 3DNow! and not SSE.

Any progress?

Hello Dieter,

not much really... I did some more code 'readability' changes in the asm code,
but didn't change any real functionality at all. I have absolutely no time at all
lately... sorry.

As for the cpu detection part - my feeling is that the loss of using SSE instead of
3DNow! on the current AMD processors is so little (it was ~.1 fps on most stuff
I have tried [IIRC]) it is not worth the effort - and I am saying so since I believe
AMD will do better with SSE on future processors and then we would really like
to use the SSE path. But maybe others will see it otherwise...