Thanks. What needs to be done to make existing working X DRI drivers work under miniglx? They they just need a DDX replacement?
And so this is the problem in this case that the miniglx DDX replacement isn't doing the right thing?
Excuse my DRI-newbieness, but to what extent is it possible to pull out the DDX code from X and put it into the miniGLX replacement?


On 6/28/07, Dave Airlie <> wrote:

> "[drm:radeon_do_init_cp] *ERROR* Cannot use PCI Express without GART in FB
> memory"
> when trying to use miniglx (running ./sample_server from a non-X ubuntu
> environment), on my machine with a Mobile x600 Radeon PCI-Express card.
> DRI radeon acceleration is working ok on my standard X-enabled ubuntu
> install with that card I believe, so it looks to be a miniglx issue?
> All my running code (the radeon drm module, etc) is the
> latest, built from git source.
> What does that error mean?

It means that the miniglx DDX code radeon_server.c didn't allocate memory
for the GART table and tell the DRM where it was..

I'm not sure I ever got PCIE miniglx working on radeon, on my r300 I think
it used to hang on the first packet I sent it and gave up..


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