Hi --
I'm getting the error:
"[drm:radeon_do_init_cp] *ERROR* Cannot use PCI Express without GART in FB memory"
when trying to use miniglx (running ./sample_server from a non-X ubuntu environment), on my machine with a Mobile x600 Radeon PCI-Express card.
DRI radeon acceleration is working ok on my standard X-enabled ubuntu install with that card I believe, so it looks to be a miniglx issue?
All my running code (the radeon drm module, radeon_dri.so etc) is the latest, built from git source.

What does that error mean?
I see in the code that that error occurs if we don't *have an offset set from userspace*
How can I get the offset set? What usually sets that offset? Does anyone have any idea of why that offset isn't being set?