Sorry Brian, I should have been more specific.  I mean more as a final output onto a screen.  Using an LCD/CRT's individual RGB subpixels to antialiasing (or some form of screen output enhancement). It seems a lot of the 3D stuff in the GPU is already employing sub-pixel coordinates, so it would be nice if the actual output to the screen would take advantage of that.

On 3/30/06, Brian Paul <> wrote:
John Kheit wrote:
> Do these drivers do anything to support subpixel rendering of the text
> or screen images? Is any of that built in to the hardware acceleration,
> or is that done only at the operating system level?
> I think on the Windows side, some of the Nvidia drivers do subpixel work
> on the driver level.

Can you be more specific?

If you're asking about line/triangle rasterization, I believe vertex
coordinates are snapped/truncated to some sub-pixel fraction (rather
than whole pixel coords) in all hardware.

For text, are you asking about some form of antialiasing?

Or, do you have multisampling in mind?