Do someone has ever encountered this annoying error message when trying to build dri and mesa from cvs?
I am following the instructions written on the page but mesa do not want to compile... (point 1.3)
both the default and linux-dri config files have been set properly and also the PKG_CONFIG_PATH env var has been updated but I can t go on....
If someone has experimented the same I will be so glad to receive some good neews...
The error message is the following one:
glxcmds.c: In function ?glXBindTexImageEXT?:
glxcmds.c:2680: error: ?X_GLXvop_BindTexImageEXT? undeclared (first use in this function)

Visiting the code written in glxcmds.c it appears that the first recurrence of the use of such undeclared var appears in this expressions: (line 2680)
req->vendorCode = X_GLXvop_BindTexImageEXT;
Now I did not investigate in what the vendorCode struct attribute should be but I assume that the static? X_GLXvop_BindTexImageEXT var do not exists neither in the included headers...

Thanks in advance.


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