Ok, I'll check lspci when I get home (about 2 hours)  I'll let you know what I find.  Otherwise It's kernel compile time!  I've never compiled a kernel before, but I should learn anyway.  I haven't had the guts to.  But I do now


 Felix Kühling wrote:

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002 13:49:37 -0700 (PDT)
D S wrote:

> I'm using Mandrake 9.0. It's a fresh install. I made the needed
> changes to the XF86Config. I don't know if they patched the kernel or
> not. Should I try replacing it?

You could, try that. If you have never compiled a kernel, be warned. It
will probably take some iterations until you get the configuration

But there are still a few things you could check out first. See if your
BIOS reports a different IRQ for your graphics card than lspci -v or
/var/log/XFree86.0.log as an indication that you're having the same
problem. And you could try to find any documentation that is included
with the Mandrake kernel package or kernel source package. Look for
information about how they modified the kernel. I just browsed the
Mandrake website but didn't find anything helpful.


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