I installed the commercial ATI drivers, (for which you don't get any support), but they start complaining that my 8500 is not from ATI, which is not true :-( and simply stop the X server startup ... I'm quite convinced that my board is a real ATI one (I bought it for one). The drivers for ATI on windows are not complaining and even on the radeon 8500 board I can see the ATI logo on the fan (but nowhere else). No indication of any other vendor.

cat /proc/pci gives me (the entry for my radeon is only shown):

Bus  1, device   0, function  0:
    VGA compatible controller: PCI device 1002:514c (ATI Technologies Inc) (rev 0).
      IRQ 12.
      Master Capable.  Latency=32.  Min Gnt=8.
      Prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xd8000000 [0xdfffffff].
      I/O at 0xc000 [0xc0ff].
      Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xe1000000 [0xe100ffff].

so it IS a real ATI isn't it ?

Doesn't ATI know of all it's own boards it has manufactured? The anoying thing is that the website says their Linux drivers are unsupported ...

any ideas or tips?



Op ma 26-08-2002, om 00:17 schreef Stefan Lange:
eNTi wrote:
 > i wonder if the r200 will be finished by the dri-group then? can
 > there be any andvantages to a driver from the vendor besides the fact
 > that one has to use that stupid rpm?

open-source drivers _do_ have advantages: their development will be 
continued for a long time probably, whereas ati could suddenly change 
their mind and decide not to support xf86 any more.

also, as mentioned before, XV-support is broken/non-existent in the 
proprietary drivers. at least for me, xv is a very important thing (at 
least as important as 3d)
if ati doesn't think that this is an issue, there's nothing you can do 
about it (just to create an example, i don't know ati's opinion about 
that special case).

proprietary drivers may be fine, as long as they work properly, but 
problems arise, if they don't. with an existing open-source project like 
the dri chances are better that issues with certain hardware may be 
resolved. with proprietary drivers you might be left alone (from the 
ati-download-page i get the impression that these linux-drivers are 
unsupported by ati).

don't get me wrong, i appreciate ati's work, and in fact ati's policy is 
very linux-user (and -developer) friendly imho, but their drivers do not 
make the open-source dri-development obsolete.

if you find you are happy with ati's drivers, well fine, there no reason 
why you shouldn't enjoy them. but it's good to know that there is also 
an alternative you can fall back to, in case ati's drivers don't work 
out, for whatever reason.

 > i've read something about the
 > hyper-z won't be supported for the r200 drivers at all, because the
 > technology is a heavy guarded secret from ati. i even wonder how this
 > will affect games in the future. i'm looking forward to buy
 > neverwinter nights, when the linux-binary is finished, but i've tried
 > it under wine (some time ago, when my freetype 2 problem didn't
 > occure) and though it works quite fast, it's killing my system after
 > a while of playing and the textures sometimes look very ugly. i think
 > it's a t&l problem, when it get's to reflecting surfaces. besides
 > even xscreensaver opengl-module will kill my system after a few
 > minutes. hard lockup.

let's hope that both ati's and the opensource-drivers will get more 
stable and faster quickly

 > eNTi

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