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> --- Hui Yu <hyu@ati.com> wrote:
> > Well, you can do this if you don't mind getting a lot of
> complains like "I
> > updated to version xxx, radeon driver doesn't use the
> Modeline I specified
> > anymore". Of course, you can get around this is by checking
> > pScrn->monitor->Modes->type, see whether a modeline is
> specified before
> > forcing to ddcmode (but you have to check for each mode,
> probably too much
> > hassle).
> Now that we have DDC do a significant number of people write their own
> modelines? How many people are smart enough to build a
> modeline that is better
> than what the monitor is reporting as it's optimal modeline?

DDC mode is used by default for digital panels, I've already heard at least a dozen people asking for how to disable DDC mode. For example, someone wants his panel to run at 50Hz or 75Hz for smoother display with his PAL TV. Given the fact that digital (TMDS) panel only makes up ~20% of total flat panel market today and the number of flat panel users is only a small portion of CRT users, you can imagine if the number is significant.

Anyhow, since you are probably working on the freedesktop version of X server, backward compatibility may not be a big issue. You can even take it a step further -- make configuration file totally optional and make X never quit to console because of mode validation. One of original intention of all DDC mode stuffs in radeon driver is to eliminate the need of modeline and sync ranges in XF86Config for DDC monitors (of course, a lot of these really belong to the common layer...).


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