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Finally, There's Something For A Woman!

Climatique, A New Sexual Climax Gel Designed For Women By Women.

Manufactured by Taylor-Wright Pharmacals, Inc., a leading homeopathic manufacturer of sexual health care products for over a decade.

Doris, aged 27, married, Carlsbad, CA
"My husband is a Marine who is always ready, willing and able. We used Climatique and for the first time I stayed with him…. In fact, I was a little ahead of him."

Mabel, aged 48, divorced, Los Angeles, CA
I thought I wouldn't ever be interested again. Climatique made me find a new incentive."

Janette, aged 33, engaged, Kahuku, HI
"I went from sometimes no orgasms to multiple orgasms."

Matt, aged 39, engaged, Philadelphia, PA
It's increased our sexual satisfaction immensely. We're having more and better sex all the time now."

Monique, aged 23, single, Long Island, NY
"Climatique is like a tube of orgasmic sensation. It lifted me through the clouds to a state of ecstasy in a matter of moments when ordinarily it would take much longer.

Lisa, aged 41, married, San Ramon, CA
"Climatique is a fun product. It's been a great addition to an already fairly satisfying relationship, and it's fun to use alone or with my husband. I'm giving it to my friends now, and they're asking for more."

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