Okay, I've been trying to get DRI to work for about a week and a half now, and I'd greatly appreciate any help.
Here's my system:
Red Hat Linux 7.1
ATI Xpert 128 AGP (ATI Rage 128, AGP 2x, 16MB RAM)
glxinfo reports direct rendering enabled w/ Mesa GL AGP 2x or something like that ...
Whenever anything attempts to use OpenGL, the screen goes black, and my whole Linux system locks up. Any ideas? I'd like to get this problem taken care of. Thanks ahead of time for any advice. Please, if you can offer advice, I'd really like to hear it.
If you need me to post any files, I'll try, but my Linux box isn't networked or online, so it's hard to get that data.
- Chris Thielen
" Peace, Love, 'n Linux."