Okay, first of all:
Red Hat Linux 7.1
ATI Rage 128 AGP 2x 16MB RAM
glxinfo reports direct rendering enabled
Okay, so, direct rendering is enabled ... but, evey time I try and use OpenGL, whether it be launching Unreal Tournament, or even clicking to see a preview of an OpenGL screensaver, my computer locks up. Not just an X crash or an error message, but it locks up, and that's not good, because of how fragile the Linux file system is when it's not unmounted properly (aka I'm forced to cut the power.)
Anybody know what's wrong? DRI is enabled, according to glxinfo, but none of my OpenGL programs work. By the way, I have symlinks in a few different spots pointing to what I hope is the right libGL.so file ... Red Hat Linux 7.1 put it there (/usr/lib) and it's the only libGL.so that's big enough to be it (it's about 1.8 meg, the other entries are all pointing to it). It's actually called something like, libGL.so.1.2... (followed by numbers).
Anybody know what's wrong? Why does OGL crash on me? HELP!!! I've been at this for weeks now. :-( (Well, I recently got DRI up, but you know what I mean.)
- Chris Thielen
" Peace, Love, 'n Linux."