I am Hae Sook Jeon at ETRI in South Korea.
While I am reading DRI user guide(i810 part) of i855GME related dri source from Intel website,
there is a requirement that a kernel with AGP GART support.
I have intel M processor with 855GME. This is a kind of reference board of intel.
There is only pci interface, now in HW configuration.
That is, we have no agp interface.
In spite of this, Could our borard work  on DRI/DRM correctly ?
I want to run with 3d hw acceleration speed on this board like MS wiondow.
This is my goal.
Currently, there is a large speed gap between both of them.
Would you give me a hint about my concerning ?
Thank you for your regards.
from Hae Sook.
    Jeon, Hae Sook
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