#480 Radeon locks up with complex GL apps

ATI OpenGL (71)
Hod McWuff

I just ported the latest CVS drm-kernel code into the
2.6.2 vanilla kernel. Many apps work fine -
xscreensaver, prboom, SpectrumGL, but some others lock
the X server up hard, such as tuxracer and BillardGL.

I can SSH into the machine, but nothing is in any of
the logs, just the application and X server both have
to be sigkilled. Usually after the X server dies, the
machine locks up altogether a few seconds later.

I have no idea how to track this one down. Suggestions,


  • Hod McWuff

    Hod McWuff - 2004-02-09

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    The attached patch will make all changes necessary to
    compile under 2.6. However, the Makefile.linux26 is still
    broken. You will have to:

    cp *.c *.h /usr/src/linux-2.6.2/drivers/char/drm

    and then rebuild your modules from *WITHIN* the kernel.
    Building outside the kernel make doesn't work.

  • Hod McWuff

    Hod McWuff - 2004-02-09

    patch to drm-kernel to compile with 2.6

  • Michel Dänzer

    Michel Dänzer - 2004-02-10
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  • Michel Dänzer

    Michel Dänzer - 2004-02-10

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    This isn't the GATOS project.


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