#297 bad texture format in fxTexGetFormat()


I get the error:

Mesa implementation error: bad texture format in fxTexGetFormat()

Report to Mesa bug database at www.mesa3d.org

reported continuously on running tuxracer and some other programs.

This bug is in the Mesa bug database marked 'DRI bug, not our problem' but is *not* in the DRI bug database... so I assume it hasn't been fixed yet.


  • Nathan Hand

    Nathan Hand - 2001-01-29

    I cannot reproduce it here using tuxracer, any depth, with a V5 and the latest CVS.
    According to the comments on the mesa3d bug tracking list, this bug is fixed in the
    DRI CVS trunk. Are you using the latest CVS? If yes, can you please checkout the
    CVS again and cut/paste the exact error message.

    If you are using pre-compiled binaries from a distribution then you will have to wait
    for them to update the packages, or update the binaries yourself.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Still not fixed in XFree 4.0.2/Kernel 2.4.1... How often is the DRI CVS sent to XFree for merging?


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