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#283 XFree86 -configure doesn't detect ATI cards


When running XFree86 -configure with the current CVS code (Jan 10 2001), all the driver modules load correctly, but the X server doesn't detect either of the ATI cards we've tested, the Radeon and Rage 128 Pro.

We're working on a bootup auto-detected 3D video configuration, so we're working on a system with no X configuration file, and relying on the X server to detect the correct driver and set up a skeleton config file.


  • Alan Hourihane

    Alan Hourihane - 2001-01-23

    Can you post the Xserver output from -configure ?

  • Alan Hourihane

    Alan Hourihane - 2001-01-23
    • assigned_to: nobody --> alanh
  • Sam Lantinga

    Sam Lantinga - 2001-01-25

    Okay, the detection was failing because I was missing some of the core ATI driver modules, and there was no error message. :)

    On a related note, if there's a VESA driver available, its driver detection will override the card-specific driver detection.

    I guess you can close this bug. Thanks! :)

  • Alan Hourihane

    Alan Hourihane - 2001-01-25
    • status: open --> closed

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