#220 Soldier of Fortune renders incorrectly on menus

Rendering Error
ATI OpenGL (71)

Loki's port of Soldier of Fortune has some rendering errors in the menus. Most notably, the scrolling text at the bottom should run as if through a marquee, yet shows up in front of parts of what it should be behind.

Further, there are black and white sections on the menus that shouldn't be there.

Also, in the timedemo I'm using (found here: http://www2.ravensoft.com/users/jscott/sof/timings.html ) there are some points where it looks like objects show through the fog when they shouldn't be visible yet.

Finally, and this isn't really a rendering "error", but the game is unbearably slow. It looks as though there is some serious bottleneck since increasing the resolution from 640x480x16 to 1280x1024x16 made the framerate drop from 8.7fps to 7.8fps (on a standard timedemo).


  • Matt Matthews

    Matt Matthews - 2000-09-15

    I should mention that this was tested with a Rage 128 Pro using the ati-4-1-1-branch.

  • Gareth Hughes

    Gareth Hughes - 2000-12-11
    • assigned_to: nobody --> gareth
  • Gareth Hughes

    Gareth Hughes - 2000-12-11

    I'll test this out as soon as I can get a copy of SOF (which should be soon).

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    I tried SOF with my ATI All in Wonder 128 and couldn't get it working...It would crash when I tried to do the game part...I'm having the same problem with Descent 3

  • Gareth Hughes

    Gareth Hughes - 2001-10-06
    • assigned_to: gareth --> nobody

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