#209 XFree 4.0.1 with tdfx crashes when switching to console



I don't thing this one has already been entered (or at least I didn't find it...)

I'm using XFree86 4.0.1 DRI CVS (updated one week ago) and everything works
quite OK except that X crashes when I ctrl-alt-fx to the console.
This doesn't happen everytime and most of the time not immediatly after

I have this message near the end of my XFree86.0.log (I'm not in front of
the machine right now so I cannot send the full log):
[drm:drm_release] *ERROR* Process 904 dead

My setup is:
PIII 450 mhz 256 Mb RAM
Voodoo banshee from Creative Lab 16 Mb
RH 6.1 stock
Kernel 2.2.16
XFree86 DRI CVS 16bpp


  • Daryll Strauss

    Daryll Strauss - 2000-09-05
    • assigned_to: nobody --> daryll
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm having the same problem with:

    kernel 2.4.0.test10

    Xfree86 4.0.1 Debian packages 4.0.1-4

    It only happens when i'm much time on the console

    when I swicth back to X the computer it's locked.

    I kill X with then kernel "magic keys" and the following message appears

    [drm:drm_release] process 15893 dead, freeing lock or context 1

  • Gareth Hughes

    Gareth Hughes - 2001-03-16
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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