#223 Users forced to resize their videos


Right now, I am unaware of a way to not resize a video in Dr. DIVX. I may or may not want autocrop enabled, but I definitely don't want to resize my videos. Resizing a video can only result in a loss of quality (scale down) or an increase in file footprint (scale up). I can't be the only one who feels this way, so everyone else please respond with your shared frustration. In the mean time I'll continue to use DVDx, since it doesn't have that humongous problem.

1. Start Dr. Divx
2. Click [Open] on the "Dr. DivX OSS" window
3. Select a DVD's Vob files on the "Select on or more files to open" window
4. Click [Open] on the "Select on or more files to open"
5. Click the |Advanced| tab on the "Dr. DivX OSS" window
6. Click the |Pre-processing| tab on the "Dr. DivX OSS" window

There's no radio button reading ( ) Maintain original size, but there are two more:
( ) Resize to Width
( ) Resize Resolution

Users shouldn't be forced to resize their video files. In fact the default should be ( ) Maintain original size . The majority of playback devices are computers and TVs neither of which require resizing.


  • Christian Blackburn

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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Yeah that suck... when I can't have control over my video aspect ratio, I say "phuck it"... The hard part has just begun. Now I go back and try to re-install the non-beta version hoping I will get everything back just to find out the beta still leave bread-crumbs of errors... The final version can't function normal too. It appears that it has taken the configuration and disabled functions from the beta version despite the successful uninstall process.

    Can you assure of the beta version's mess after uninstallation?


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