Stable DRBL live (2.4.2-10) Released

* This release of DRBL live (2.4.2-10) includes major enhancements and bug
* The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is
based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2015/Jun/19).
* Linux kernel was updated to 4.0.5-1. The default union file system has
been changed to overlay, therefore if you edit boot parameter manually,
you have to use "union=overlay". No more using "union=aufs".
* Package drbl was updated to 2.15.15-drbl1, and clonezilla was updated to
* Switched to use systemd instead of sysvinit. Following the way in
* Package live-boot was updated to 4.0.2-1.drbl3 live-boot-initramfs-tools,
and live-config was updated to 4.0.4-1.drbl6. All the boot parameters
should remain the same. However, the boot parameter "components"
introduced in live-boot v4 has to be added if you edit the boot
parameters manually.
* Partclone was updated to 0.2.78.drbl1. A btrfs issue has been fixed, and
an issue about imaging a partition >=16 TB was fixed. Thanks to
Abdullayev Natiq (natiq2004 at yahoo com) for helping to solve it.
* Syslinux was updated to 6.03+dfsg-7.
* Program ocs-onthefly failed to clone swap partition for GPT disk. Thanks
to Uwe Dippel for reporting this issue (
* Failed to use pvcreate to create PV on a disk with existing partition
* The volume size unit is MB, while "M" (MiB) was used for split.


Posted by Steven Shiau 2015-07-09 Labels: stable drbl

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