DRBL 1.9.1-26 (stable) released

Some new features were added in this release. As usually, some bugs were fixed, too.
- One NIC server is supported now. Both alias IP address or no alias IP address for the single NIC will work.
- drblpush now can work with ethernet port with private IP address class B and netmask 16. It was only for netmask 24.
- Public IP address clients are supported now.
- New upstream syslinux 3.71.
- drbl-live-boinc was updated.
- rc.sysinit and halt for CentOS 5.2 were added.
- firstboot.SUSE11.0.drbl was added. opensuse-11.0.repo and opensuse-updates-11.0.repo were added.
- French languages was updated. Thanks to Jean-Francois Nifenecker.
- Japanese languages was updated. Thanks to Annie Wei.
- SAN (AoE) booting is supported now. For more info, check http://drbl.sourceforge.net/one4all/drbl-sanboot.php. ///NOTE/// This is still under testing.
- A new program drbl-syslinux-netinstall was added to create netinstall zip for USB flash drive.

- About Clonezilla SE:
- The volume size of clonezilla image can be assigned when running dcs to save an image.
- Broadcast mode for Clonezilla was added in dcs.
- "-r" option of clonezilla was turned off by default, since this might cause some problems if an unknown partition exists. Thanks to Thomas Moler.

Posted by Steven Shiau 2008-09-22

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