DRBL 1.8.2-38 (stable) released

In the release, some new functions, especially on Clonzilla, were added. Some bugs were fixed, too. Thanks to those bug reporters.
- New upstream syslinux 3.61.
- New upstream memtest86+ 2.00.
- Ready for Debian Lenny and Ubuntu 8.04 alpha4.
- client-extra-service, client-ip-hostname, client-append-fstab in /opt/drbl/conf were renamed with .example appended. This will avoid they are removed when upgrading drbl. Thanks to Dave Haakenhout <Dave.Haakenhout _at_ nccw nl>. ///Note/// If the existing version you have is older than 1.8.2-36, remember to backup those files first. This function will only works for drbl 1.8.2-36 to upgrade newer.
- dcs now can accept MODE2 as netinstall, Ex: "dcs -nl netinstall netinstall-CentOS-4.6-i386". Thanks to Barny Sanchez for this idea.
- url_site in drbl.conf was changed to something like debian_url_site so that we can assign different repositories for different distributions.
- linux-ubuntu-modules for Ubuntu >= 7.10 will be installed by default in drblsrv.
- netinstall setting for centos now is 4.6/5.1.
- Bug fixed: find-url-in-yum-set was updated to cover some format of fedora repo (like "baseurl = http://..., the extra space before and after =).
- Bug fixed: If client machines are selected, in some cases they were parsed incorrectly.
- Some minor bugs were fixed.
- About Clonezilla:
- New param in drbl-functions: -q1 (--force-to-use-dd) was added. Therefore now we can force to use dd to save any filesystem. Thanks to Justin Fitzhugh.
- An experimental option -q2 for clonezilla was added (Priority: ntfsclone, partclone > partimage > dd).
- GPT (GUID Partition Table) is supported
- Package partclone was added so HFS+, reiserfs4 are supported by using partclone (check -q2 when you save an image if you want to use this). Therefore this release in Clonezilla live can be used to save and restore an Intel-based Mac OS. It's tested successfully to save and restore a Mac mini with Mac OS leopard + Ubuntu 7.04 installed.
- create-ubuntu-live and create-ubuntu-live now use live helper instead of live package.
- A helper file ocs-rm-win-swap-hib was added to clean swap and hibernation files in M$ windows system before saving. Thanks to Kristof Vansant for this idea.
- Clonezilla version number is shown in the boot menu. Thanks to evilmrb for this idea.
- Bug fixed: If clonezilla image is on Samba disk, LVM restoration will fail. Thanks to Gerald HERMANT <ghermant _at_ astrel fr> for reporting this bugs.
- Bug fixed: Custom LiveCD failed in some case. (https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=4706371) Thanks to ser_kan and micahboggs.
- Bug fixed: LVM device file was not converted by cnvt-ocs-dev.
- Bug fixed: large number of disks and partitions will be listed and can be scrolled down. Thanks to simon (selisha) for reporting this bug.
- Bug fixed: wget should be in PKG_FROM_DBN_MINIMAL_NEED in drbl.conf. Thanks to vascoman for reporting this bug.

Posted by Steven Shiau 2008-02-18

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