Good Morning,


I was curious if anyone has found a way or has any suggestions on how DRBL with Clonezilla could be enabled for support with Intel IA64 (Integrity) platforms.  We’ve been using DRBL-Clonezilla as a solution for management of operating system images for HP Proliant servers in our test lab for several months now.  I have a handful of Integrity servers that I would like to roll into the mix but I’m unsure if this is feasible.


The first hurdle of course would be to get those machines booting via PXE and from what I’ve ready pxelinux does not support that architecture but elilo might.  Secondly, all the binaries used in the Clonezilla environment are NFS mounted and built for ia32 so I would need to obtain or build by hand those utilities for ia64.


Does anyone have any suggestions or do the DRBL developers have any pointers that could help out?




-Peter Knox