DRBL client unable to use GUI to clone

4 days ago
  • Sarah Mathews

    Sarah Mathews - 2017-01-05

    Hi all,

    Bear with me, I am brand new to Linux in general and am learning as I go.

    I've been tasked with setting up a DRBL server to manage imaging of netbooks. I have been able to set this up with no issues, however I am at the stage of attempting to clone the disk of our master machine. I can PXE boot Clonezilla, but when reaching the GUI asking me to input a file name, any keyboard inputs result in the GUI breaking and appearing to use the background text based terminal. I've attached a photo of the result when pressing enter, as that seems like an incredibly unhelpful description.

    Spacebar, Enter, ESC and the arrow keys all produce a similar result. Any advice, keeping in mind my lack of knowledge, would be appreciated.

    The only thing of note during the loading process is that I receive a "general error mounting filesystems", but the instance seems happy to progress beyond this point and continue loading.


    Thank you in advance


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