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I've been trying to figure out how to use drawboard as
a component of a demonstration of a collaborative web
application. Here's the set up: Two PCs coupled by a
crossover cable. On one PC an Apache server runs. The
two PCs load in a webpage off the server at startup and
the page cointains only drawboard and some text. It's
great, you can draw back and forth for a while. After
a teim, maybe thirty minutes or an hour, the drqwboard
stops working at one end or both. It just jams up. If
you dilligently "peck at: both ends of the link, the
thing finally starts working again. Both Apache and
Drawboard use default settings. What's wrong here?

Reagan Cole
Durham, NC US


  • Tomek Zielinski

    Tomek Zielinski - 2005-05-01
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  • Tomek Zielinski

    Tomek Zielinski - 2005-05-01

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    Please use a bit simpler language, I don't know what
    "dilligently" means. The main question is - what version of
    Java is used by server process and both browsers? And when
    jam occurs, what does the server console and both browser's
    java consoles show?

    I prefer e-mail contact: tomasz.zielinski@gmail.com


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