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Where are you using Drawboard?

I'm very interested where are you using Drawboard. Please write me an e-mail (tomash@fidonet.org.pl) and notice what is good and what should be done better in my application. Thanks in advance!

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2002-09-07

Transparency in 0.75

Current release supports menu pseudo-transparency!

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2002-07-21

New version in June

I have now exam session on my studies, Drawboard development will gain speed at end of June

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2002-05-27

Warning: JDK 1.1.8 bug

If you are running Drawboard with image saving enabled, use JDK 1.3 or higher. With JDK 1.1.8 server crashes with OutOfMemoryError after a few saved images.

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2002-04-03

Test e-mail option please!

The e-mail option is hard to test oneself. Please try it and submit a bug if you found any. Thanks in advance!

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2002-03-05

New version comig soon

Features letter typing, background chooser and others! Visit us again in week or two!

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2002-01-28

Graphician needed

I'm looking for person able to create nice-looking skin(s) for Drawboard. My graphics abilities are rather low...

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2001-10-24

Multithreaded server class ready

Server class is ready for hard testing. Please report any found bugs. My next task is make applet full skin-enabled, but it is will begin after 17th of September. Until then development is paused.

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2001-08-30

New GUI released

There is no network support yet, but you can look and evaluate rewritted code and dew design of menu. Hope you liked it. If you have any questions, write me an e-mail!

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2001-08-26

New version almost ready

The rewritted version of drawboard's GUI is almost ready and will be relased in a few days. All code is new, much more object-oriented now. There will be full documentation included and many more, so please be patient...

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2001-08-24

Rewritting of drawboard started

Drawboard was my first "big" Java application (applet in fact). Very first version's code was dirty and poor. Now I know Java a bit more, so I'm going to rewrite whole applet and server. Be ready for new versions and new (customizable) design! Coming soon!

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2001-08-04

I'm going on vacation

Developing of drawboard is stopped for (at least) 22.07.2001 (or, if you wish, 07.22.2001). Until then I'll be unreachable by e-mail.

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2001-06-15

Development gains speed

The semester is going to end, so development is now faster than ever. Wish me luck when I'll make a presentation of my project.

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2001-05-27

Development paused

Two main bugs were removed, developmend is now paused for a week. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask.

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2001-05-13

Need help for debugging!

Do you know Java? Maybe you can help me debuging "drawboard"? There are two main bugs in version 0.09: 1/ on some browsers all incoming data are painted in color black. Why??? 2/ At the start class glowna.java somtimes raises NullPointerException in line 138 (v 0.09). No idea, when and why... Pleas help.

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2001-05-11

Project accepted

10th April - basic concept of "drawboard" was presented and accepted by teacher on "Computer networks" classes.

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2001-04-12

Work begins

Created and configured project in SourceForge.

Utworzenie i skonfigurowanie projektu w SourceForge.

Posted by Tomek Zielinski 2001-04-04