#7 Save and Load Bitmap Images

Kevin Boyd

I would like to see the ability to Save and Load
bitmap images with the Drawboard interface. I think it
would be very useful to be able to save copies of
drawings that people have made, and perhaps load them
at a later date for modification.

The ability for a client connection to take
a "screenshot" of an application that is running, and
upload it to the Drawboard display, would be useful
for various purposes. For instance, a student could be
writing an essay, and want teacher feedback. The
student could grab a screenshot of the essay using
Drawboard (or, if necessary, a third-party screenshot
utility), send the image to the Drawboard display, and
the teacher could use the Drawboard tools to edit the
student's work (not modifying the text, just drawing
over it).


  • Tomek Zielinski

    Tomek Zielinski - 2002-02-07
    • assigned_to: nobody --> tomash
    • status: open --> closed
  • Tomek Zielinski

    Tomek Zielinski - 2002-02-07

    Logged In: YES

    There are two main issues.

    First is Java security policy. Applet in Java 1.1 cannot
    save anything on HDD, grab screen or even copy to/from
    system clipboard. I think about loading client background
    from specified URL but I'm not sure it can be done it the
    way I want to.

    Second issue is new server function, saving or/and loading
    images. It's very interesting and I'll surely think about
    it. It won't be coded in week or two, but I'll check what
    can I do.

    Thanks for your suggestions!


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