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rubysim 1.0 released

This is a Ruby translation of the original C++/STL Open Source Draft Simulator. It has been developed in Win32 and tested in a Linux environment. It is a compact simulator of drafts (i.e. a mock draft engine) that can handle multiple sports. The configuration code supplied can handle American football, MLB baseball, and NFL basketball drafts. Once configured, the draft can be optimized by the editing of top player lists, draft order lists, and team drafting rules. See the project web page for the directions this project is headed.

Posted by David W. Myers 2007-02-28

Alpha version of draftsim released.

Draftsim is a program capable of simulating the drafts of
professional sports teams. The alpha version of this project has been released today. This version of the program allows
you to generate both deterministic and stochastic simulations
of the draft, calculating either mock drafts, or the ranges of
draft positions a player may fall.

Data sets are provided so that users can rapidly calculate
a 3 round mock draft of the NFL. The recent compensation
draft picks announced are accounted for.

Posted by David W. Myers 2001-03-27

Data bundles for the open source draft simulator.

We've released two football oriented (NFL) data bundles for the open source draft simulator, one for Linux and one for Win32. These simplify getting started with the simulator by creating all the files and directories it needs to set up a 3 round mock draft. Just untar (or unzip, as needed) the data
in the directory with the draft simulator, and you're all set.

Posted by David W. Myers 2001-03-21

First Code Release

Though it's still in a very early stage, this is the first release of code for the
open source draft simulator. This program allows people to set up drafting
rules for sports teams, and with associated top player lists, simulate the
drafting of professional sports teams. It's especially suited for detailed
examination of varying draft strategies in a large, complex draft.

Posted by David W. Myers 2001-03-20

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