Hey Tom,

I think we already had a fix for that.  The search worked for me using the most recent version, and taking a look at the difference, the regular expression to match the argument is different but has the same result:

Your change:

if ( res = args.q.match(/^\s*[qQ]?(\d{6})\s*$/) )

Current version:

if ( res = args.q.match(/^\s*q?(\d{6})\s*$/i) )

...if I'm not mistaken.

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> I had reason to use the msk search today and it did not work, according

> to help msk 871122 should work but it appends a Q which is not

> recognised. The attached version has this removed. However it's not

> extensively tested for other options so I cannot guarantee success.


> Cheers,


> Tom.