Jim Grundy - 2007-10-01

We are pleased to announce the open source availability of the
Decision Procedure Toolkit (DPT).  DPT is a modern SMT solver.  This
release provides a MiniSAT-like DPLL solver, a DPLL(T) style theory
combination mechanism, and a solver for the theory of Uninterpreted
Functions (EUF).  The next release will add a linear arithmetic solver
and a cooperation mechanism for more than one theory.

DPT is an open source project licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.
You can download DPT from sourceforge:


DPT is intended to serve as a platform for experiments in SMT solvers
and their applications.  Subsequent releases will include features
like model generation, proof production and interpolants.  We also
expect to support parametric theories and the HOL logic.

The DPT design philosophy emphasizes flexible interfaces and
transparent implementation over raw speed.  DPT is implemented in
OCaml.  These decisions not withstanding, speed is good, and so we
have made a reasonable effort to ensure DPT is fast.

Kind regards,

Amit Goel, Jim Grundy and Sava Krstic