Hi , I was executing testcases on kernel modules from dprobes-testsuite-version1.1.0. On Redhat 9.0 system running Linux kernel 2.6.2 on i386 system. All the "kernel module" test cases which are part of dprobe testsuite version 1.1.0 failed. When I tried manually compiling ".dpc" file. as below : dpcc -I dpcs/include dpcs/module/builtin-outw.dpc -o builtin-outw.rpn I got following error message : loading symbol file : dprobes-testsuite-ver1.1.0/trigger-program/module/dprobe-testsuite-module/triggerprobe.ko (no debugging symbol found) unable to find function : test_fn I was not able to compile the above .dpc file. Also the perl script which runs tests in automated fashion fails compiling the test cases, and all the test cases fails. I verfied using "nm" command that, "test_fn" symbol exists in the triggerprobe.ko module. and "test_fn" is invoked when the module is inserted in to the kernel. But "dpcc" fails locating the "test_fn" symbol in triggerprobe.ko module. Kindly help me out in compiling this test cases. Thanks in advance Regards Jaimin