#248 more timely warning of missing dependencies


For preservation the plugins that Xena uses rely on a number of external dependencies (flac, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, readpst, ImageMagick convert, tesseract & soon exiftool). The way things stand at the moment when a job runs missing any of these dependencies will not be noticed until the end of the conversion step when errors may be produced for each of the output files that could not be processed. As jobs can take many days to complete this is not really an ideal situation. There should be some sort of check much earlier in the process to inform the user that dependencies have not been setup. This may be when starting processing a job, when starting dpr, or some sort of warning in the main dpr console along with the job list. Note that this is not such a big issue in Xena itself as the user can read the messages as processing is continuing and hit the Stop button to not perform the entire normalisation/conversion job.


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