#776 Colors in the chat view does not match participants colors


The bug entry applies to the current development branch,

The colors used in the chat are brighter than the colors that are used to color the background of a session participant. They also do
not match the color that is used for the contribution annotion. I would expect that the chat is using the color that I had chosen and not
some modified (increased the brightness) color. This is confusing to the user and offers no benefit.

Brighten (lighten) the color may result in a different RGB color that is completly different from the chosen color.


  • Stefan Rossbach

    Stefan Rossbach - 2013-03-12
    • milestone: --> 13.3.29
  • Donut

    Donut - 2013-03-12

    Please consider to read the thesis of Björn Kahlert. I'm sure there were reasons for this decision.

  • Stefan Rossbach

    Stefan Rossbach - 2013-03-12

    This is not part of Björn Kahlert thesis.

    This change was approved by Julia Schenk and Maria Spiering.

    Problem: The changes were made to the chat BUT NOT to the Session overview.

    See http://saros-build.imp.fu-berlin.de/gerrit/#/c/253/ which is still not submitted.

    Consider not to just post some senseless comments if you do not know what this bug about.

    • Franz Zieris

      Franz Zieris - 2013-03-13

      Christian tried to provide information to the best of his knowledge. Neither is there reason to forbid oneself to speak just because one's own knowledge might be imperfect, nor should anyone else do so. The neutral correction of the facts should be sufficient.

  • Stefan Rossbach

    Stefan Rossbach - 2013-03-18


  • Stefan Rossbach

    Stefan Rossbach - 2013-03-18
    • status: open --> open-fixed
    • assigned_to: Stefan Rossbach
  • Stefan Rossbach

    Stefan Rossbach - 2013-12-12
    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed
    • Group: 13.3.29 --> 13.12.6

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