#699 Remove + Rework screensharing completely


The only scenario in which the screensharing is technically working with acceptable performance is when the user has xuggler installed and configured.
Xuggler no longer maintains windows binaries, so users would have to compile xuggler themselves which no one will do.

The screensharing is a usability catastrophe and features 10+ severe usability issues, including privacy related problems. It fails to work for most users and when configured it does not work reliably.

I propose removing this feature and reintroducing it later when it was reimplemented properly. I cannot believe there is even one users that is actually depending on this feature who would complain about the removeal, because there are many free tools available for screensharing that work way better than this piece of code.

The user experience and the trust in the quality of saros is dramatically reduced by experimental features that simply don't work for most users and work annoyingly bad if they manage to configure it. For a commercial software that would be inacceptable.


  • Franz Zieris

    Franz Zieris - 2012-05-23
    • labels: --> Screen-sharing
    • priority: 7 --> 5
  • Franz Zieris

    Franz Zieris - 2012-05-23

    This is not a "7", so I lowered it to my favorite level "5". In my understanding an "experimental feature" can have some severe issues (both technical and UX) without losing the status of a "feature".

    @netcorps: Concerning your "commercial software" argument: Do you mean software, that somebody has to pay money for, or software that is used in commercial settings?

  • Stefan Rossbach

    Stefan Rossbach - 2012-11-26

    Feature is now marked as experimentell and need to be activitat first.


    I think he means software you have to pay for. But free software should not be an excuse for, well at least it is free, so do not complain about UX and bugs.

  • Stefan Rossbach

    Stefan Rossbach - 2012-11-26
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date
  • Franz Zieris

    Franz Zieris - 2012-11-26

    @Stefan: Just to make my point clear, I was *not* about to say that free software is "more allowed" to be buggy than software you have to pay for.
    My point was to distinguish the cases "pay money for using the software" and "making money using the software". Assuming the second meaning, we want Saros to be a commercial software, thus -- applying Alex's reasoning -- the described behavior is also inacceptable for Saros as it is. Therefore deactivating this feature was the right decision.


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