#179 Added generics support to Dozer 5, bridge method recognition

Dozer v5.1

i wrote a little improvement for dozer to resolve Java5 parameterized type information and fixed the resoltuion of Java 5 bridge methods.

with these changes Dozer5 can handle the following types

public class AbstractDto<T extends Serializable>
implements Dto<T> {

private T id;

public T getId() {
return id;

public void setId(final T id) {
this.id = id;

The code as well as the tests are included in the zip file.

Would be glad if someone could add this to the dozer trunk.

Best regards,
Andor Greißl


  • Andor

    Andor - 2009-03-06

    new sources / modified files and tests for generics support

  • Andor

    Andor - 2009-03-06
    • summary: Addd generics support to Dozer 5, bridge nethod recognition --> Added generics support to Dozer 5, bridge method recognition
  • dmitry (lv)

    dmitry (lv) - 2009-04-29
    • milestone: 891576 --> Dozer v5.1
    • assigned_to: nobody --> buzdin
    • status: open --> closed
  • dmitry (lv)

    dmitry (lv) - 2009-04-29

    According patch is accepted. Thank you for contribution.


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