Dozer V2.0 - Performance

  • Franz Garsombke

    Franz Garsombke - 2006-01-04

    Matt has done a great job profiling Dozer and putting caching in place. He has seen improvement in his use cases from 170% all the way to 800%. All the code is complete and checked in.

    It is documented here. I have also attached his spreadsheet with improvements to this feature request.

    I want to rework the dozer documentation so am looking to release sometime next week...time permitting.


    • Matt Tierney

      Matt Tierney - 2006-01-04

      Just a couple notes...

      All timing in the spreadsheet are in milliseconds.

      The timings in the spreadsheet are a good measurement of relative performance gains in v2.  But you should expect even better performance on a production like environment.  I ran the before and after tests on my grandmas computer so
      the computer horsepower wasn't the greatest:)  I reran the same tests last night on my computer at home and saw better v2.0 timings.  Here are those results and I will also update the spreadsheet

      Test    #Iterations   Total Time(ms)  Avg Time(ms)

      1       10000         11000           1.1 
      2       25000         3400            .136
      3       25000         3500            .14
      4       10000         5400            .54
      5       10000         2600            .26

    • Franz Garsombke

      Franz Garsombke - 2006-01-16

      That link to the spreadsheet didn't seem to work. It is Feature Request [1381246 ] Increase Performance by 4X on v20branch.


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