#115 Problem when getters and setters are on different interfaces


Wildcard mapping is breaking if I declare the getter and setters of the source object on different interfaces.

For example:

public interface PersonProfile {
String getName();

public interface Person extends PersonProfile {
Long getId();

void setName(String name);

The wildcard mapping works fine if the mapping is not declared at all in the mapping file. As soon as I declare the mapping in the mapping file, wildcard mapping no longer works.

Attached is a project that reproduces the problem. Just run com.cleanoffer.DozerTest.

This is causing us major problems as we upgrade to 4.1. We did not encounter this particular problem in version 3.2.1.


  • John Hampton

    John Hampton - 2007-10-16

    Sample project that reproduces the problem

  • Matt Tierney

    Matt Tierney - 2007-12-16

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    Originator: NO

    fixed. This was a good one.

  • Matt Tierney

    Matt Tierney - 2007-12-16
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  • Matt Tierney

    Matt Tierney - 2007-12-16
    • status: pending --> closed

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