#3 More active fontlock updating please...


Right now, when opening a documented buffer, the fontlocking doesn't fully prettify the doxygen keywords within the special comment blocks (like @link, @param, etc).

Once text is changed on an existing line, the keywords get fully prettified.

It would be nice if the mode was more aggressive in its font locking, so that all the existing keywords were updated instead of waiting until some text is changed on an existing line.

This may have been a design decision; if so, perhaps a variable could control this behaviour for those of us who prefer to have the buffer fully prettified "all the time"?

Viktor Haag


  • Ryan T. Sammartino

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    This isn't really up to doxymacs; it's the job of the
    font-lock package.

    Perhaps you should try these settings:

    ;; automatically fontify files as they're loaded
    font-lock-auto-fontify t
    ;; Specification for when Font Lock will set up non-color
    '(or (mono) (grayscale))
    ;; Specification for when Font Lock will set up color defaults
    ;; maximum decoration level for fontifying
    font-lock-maximum-decoration t
    ;; maximum size for buffers for fontifying
    font-lock-maximum-size nil
    ;; list of modes to auto-fontify, if
    `font-lock-auto-fontify' is nil
    font-lock-mode-enable-list nil
    ;; list of modes not to auto-fontify, if
    `font-lock-auto-fontify' is t
    font-lock-mode-disable-list nil
    ;; font menu will try to show only bitmap fonts
    font-menu-ignore-scaled-fonts t
    ;; changing the default font from the font menu will only
    ;; affect one frame instead of all frames
    font-menu-this-frame-only-p t

    ;; c-mode-faces
    (setq c-font-lock-keywords c-font-lock-keywords-2
    c++-font-lock-keywords c++-font-lock-keywords-2
    lisp-font-lock-keywords lisp-font-lock-keywords-2)

    (add-hook 'font-lock-mode-hook 'turn-on-lazy-shot)

  • Ryan T. Sammartino

    • status: open --> closed
  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Ryan -- I tried your additional settings, and they had no effect on the problem. I will note that I make heavy use of JDE, and of PSGML modes, and both of them do not have such significant problems with this font-lock lagging.

    Also 'turn-on-lazy-shot is not a form that my Emacs21 install recognizes: is this a function local to your installation?

    Based on the fact that other editing modes don't seem to have this problem, I'm inclined to think this is still a valid enhancement request.


  • Ryan T. Sammartino

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    turn-on-lazy-shot comes from the lazy-shot package, so you
    may need (require lazy-shot)... or it may be an XEmacs thing
    only, not sure.

    Anyways, I'm very much unable to reproduce this problem in
    both XEmacs or Emacs. Every file I open with default
    doxymacs settings is fontified "right away", so the only
    thing I can think that might be an issue is our individual
    personal settings. Like I said, I'm just using the
    font-lock package to do the work for me, and such things
    seem to be beyond the control of font mode "providers" like
    doxymacs and instead lie with the font-lock package itself.

    Perhaps if you can tell me your personal settings I may try
    applying them to my own set up to see what happens.

    FWIW, I'm using Emacs 21.2 and XEmacs 21.4.6

  • Viktor Haag

    Viktor Haag - 2002-06-07

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    The only package I seem to have in Emacs21 that seems close is 'lazy lock' which I do not have turned on.

    If you send me your email address, Ryan (to vhaag@rim.net), I can send a copy of my .emacs and doxymacs load-wrapper file for your perusal. It doesn't appear that I can attach files to this issue at this point.



  • Ryan T. Sammartino

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    If you were logged in to SF you could attach files :)

    Anyways, you can send an e-mail to ryants at users dot
    sourceforge dot net and I should get it.


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